Introducing the all new Pro-Till by Degelman. Available in 4 new sizes, we’ve raised the bar on what you should expect out of your tillage equipment. Built heavy with a “drop the pin and go” mentality, this is next generation tillage as only Degelman can do.

Featuring a narrower transport size, true greaseless technology throughout the entire machine, and versatility that includes the optional Scorpion Hitch and upcoming Pro-Cast Granular applicators.

Narrower transport sizes

We know that spring and fall work is quick and unforgiving, and that you need to get from field to field safely and efficiently. The all new Pro-Till's fold up almost 7 feet narrower (in high position) than our previous 33 & 40 foot models.

PTL30 & PTL36 - 13'2"
PTL41 & PTL45 - 16'0"

Horsepower Requirements
Speed is essential when running a Pro-Till High Performance Disc. In order to properly choose the right size to fit your tractor, we recommend 12-15 hp per foot at 2" or less to achieve 8-12 mph. If you are looking to go deeper then we recommend 15-20 hp per foot.*
Horsepower per foot
12 hp 15 hp 20 hp
Pro-Till 30' 360 450 600
Pro-Till 36' 450 550 600
Pro-Till 41' 500 600 600+
Pro-Till 45' 550 600+ 600+
True Greaseless Technology
Degelman Industries is the only company to offer true greaseless technology. Other companies use pins that don't take grease and call it a day. The all-new Degelman Pro-till offers an exclusive self-lubricated, zero maintenance bushing which is manufactured from a friction liner applied on a glass fiber structure. Combined with our over-sized electroless plated nickel pin, which at 2.5" in diameter, make them the largest on the market by over 60%.