Land Rollers delivering big yield increases in chick peas

Farmers who used our Degelman land rollers last season for their chickpeas gained great increases in their crop yields. It truly was impressive, and the results speak for themselves.

Above: The Degelman Land Roller LRX in action smashing furrows without compressing the soil

Rob, a big pulse crop farmer from Queensland, summed it up well:

“The header gets to the rolled stuff and it’s 10 times easier with lower cutting height. We’re able to get the low pods and much less dirt in the sample. There is no doubt we’ll be rolling every acre next year”.

See for yourself how using the Degelman land roller can increase your chickpea yield by 10 – 20% by hiring a Degelman land roller this season.


The main benefits of land rolling are:

  • Better and more even germination because you have better soil-on-seed contact
  • More crop reaches your header as you can cut lower (flattens furrows and excess residue, plus squashes sticks and rocks into the ground all in a single pass)
  • Reduced risk of header damage (obstructions are eliminated)
  • Less dirt in your sample (flatter harvesting surface)
  • Speeds up your harvest (flatter ground means faster running speed)


All this without compressing the soil (other than where you want it) as the average pressure of the roller is applied over a big area, fast.