Significance & Benefits of Using Land Rollers in Agriculture

Land rolling use has steadily increased in the past few years. From flattening corn stalks to breaking up large clumps of soil, land rollersplays a versatile role. The purpose for which land rollers are used typically is to push down rocks, breakdown residue and level the ground for harvesting. Flatter land leads to subsequent weed control and harvesting easier. Land roller manufactures Australia offers a wide variety of equipment for attaining flat fields and maximum yields. Some of the benefits of using land rollers are as follows.

  • It provides a smooth and levelled surface, so as to ensure improved seed-to-soil contact, better weed control, and reduced moisture loss. When the fields are smooth, the process for harvesting becomes easy and fast especially for short crops like chickpeas, peas, lentils and soybeans.
  • When the land has a lot of rocks and tough root balls, it is essential to use land roller, especially soon after planting low to ground crops. It pushes back the solid objects into the grounds and keep the rocks and root balls out, so as to avoid any costly damage to the crop. As it reduces the amount of dirt and debris, there is overall reduction in wear and tear of the machinery and you will get a cleaner harvest.
  • It increases the seed-to-soil contact to encourage quicker emergence, especially in areas with short growing seasons. Many people prefer to use land rollers in some fields like soybeans in the early growth stage as it encourage better root growth and helping the plants grow vigorously. Also, Land rollers break down tough corn stalks and hence, they help in managing residue.
  • There are some good quality land rollers offered by leading land roller manufacturers Australia that not only save downtime and fuel cost but also allow cutter bar to safely access the base of plants without any risk of rock ingestion to assure quick, safe and easy harvest, which ultimately translates to increased yield on pulse crops

Initially, one can start with renting a neighbour’s equipment. Many progressive and innovative farmers are nowadays using advanced farming equipment to save time, money and labour and maximising the yields. If you are thinking of buying a landscape rock removal or land roller, nowadays many reputed land roller manufacturers Australia are offering farm equipment online such as landscape rock removal equipment, tillage equipment, harrows farm equipment, best cutting equipment Australia and more. It allows you to compare the equipment offered by various vendors in terms of technology, features and benefits, so you can choose the best to suit your needs and budget. While looking for land rollers, it is advised to look for those assures flat fields and maximum yields in a fast and convenient way.