Tillage Pro-Till 20/26

The fastest and most versatile piece of tillage equipment you will ever own

Pro-Till® now comes in 20, 26, 33, and 40 foot models to fit your operation. Designed to shred heavy fall residue, open up spring fields, level ruts, destroy clods and produce an absolutely perfect seed bed. Pro-Till® is your single tool for tillage.

Cultivate over 10 MPH:

The Pro-Till shreds residue at speeds over 10 mph while ensuring uniform distribution of residue, critical for no-till rotations. Problems such as poor residue distribution, uneven emergence, delayed emergence, hair pinning, erosion and seeder/planter plugging are eliminated with the Pro-Till.

Fields can be hampered by tough heavy residue from crops like flax, peas, sunflowers, barley, wheat, soybeans, and BT corn. This is no longer a problem. Pro-Till is ideally pulled fast- 10 to 14 mph. Our patent pending combination of independent disc arms, with small diameter shallow discs, motion dampening rubber suspension, sturdy frame and cutting edge consolidating rollers allow this tillage tool to slice through residue as never seen before. Pro-Till will cut, weed, throw and mix soils at incredible speeds and usually in one pass. This is a true residue-killing machine.

Wet or Dry:

Work in the Most Challenging Conditions

A Pro-Till cultivator has the unique ability to cultivate and warm the soil during cold wet conditions when all other forms of tillage plug and fail.

In the midst of a long wet spring, getting seed in the ground to allow adequate time for the growing season is critical. Heavy cold soils need to be black and warm for ideal germination conditions. In as little as one day and after one pass, frigid heavy residue soil is cut, turned, mixed, reactivated, warmed, topically dried and ready for planting/seeding. Pro-Till in the spring can mean the difference between success and failure.

Prepare Your Seedbed Fast:

Seedbed preparation is the very foundation for a strong growing season. Ideally, robust biological activity is enhanced through the accepting, storing and transmitting of water, gases and nutrients. Pro-Till® high performance cultivation levels ruts, crushes clods produces an absolutely perfect seed bed. Pro-Till® is your single tool for tillage.

Level Ruts, Instantly:

Pro-Till is your single spring and fall solution to tillage needs. Pro-Till is ideal for field finishing, leveling and filling ruts and tracks in the spring or fall. Today’s heavy tractors, trucks, sprayers, grain carts and center-fill planters can produce deep compacted ruts that seriously restrict roots growing space, inhibiting yields and potentially damaging expensive equipment.

The Degelman Pro-Till compact disc cultivator has just the right amount of dirt carrying capacity to level almost any field. One or two additional cross direction passes may be required to completely level and fill the most severe ruts.

Oversized, Over Built, Bulletproof Frame:

Degelman designers are passionate about getting it right. Farm tools with the least amount of moving parts will simply last longer. Degelman is renowned for building overbuilt and under complicated equipment. Less is always more.

Floating Self-Contour Technology:

Degelman’s floating section design allows the Pro-Till to “Self-Contour” as it follows the curvature of the varying terrain. The independent wing sections allow horizontal contouring for steep inclines or downward slopes up to 6 degrees. The contour angles between the front frame and rear center section also provide excellent front to back flexibility to help traverse demanding hills and valleys. This floating, self-contouring design coupled with the Pro-Till independent discs help produce a flawless, uniform field.

Weight is Inherent in the Overbuilt Frame:

Weight equals penetration. Without it, the discs will ride out of the ground if soil conditions are too hard. In order for the discs to work well in hard soil and heavy trash conditions an adequate downward force is required. Other machines require extra weight stacks, but the 23,000 lb. Pro-Till® cultivator carries this weight in the frame where it should be.

State of the Art Software

We start with top-of-the-line 3D software and run our equipment designs through multiple what-if scenarios. Then we put the designs into our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) engineering analysis software. It allows us to simulate the loads our design and mounting hardware will encounter before we ever get to the building and testing stages. Our engineers run a variety of the toughest simulations possible-heavy loads, hard angles and high lifts to find out ahead of time of any problem spots. Then, and only then, do we move to making a prototype to test in the field.

Maximum Trash Flow:

The discs have a shallow face to eliminate compaction layers and the high tensile strength steel arms provide maximum flow through with three times the spring back of normal mild steel.Traditional disc gangs are severely limited by their ability to process residue and level properly. They can plug very quickly during wet seasons, are limited in speed, cannot resist rocks and due to their deeper tillage have a tendency to bring clay soil to the surface.

Improved Roller Trash Flow:

With fewer angles and a larger span between the roller and frame Pro-Till 20/26 allows ample room for trash to exit in between.


Concave Disc Options:


The concave disc does an excellent job of tiling and inverting the soil. The action of the disc depends on the speed.


Notched concave discs provide a very aggressive cutting edge that is well suited for soil penetration. These discs are a good choice for residue management.

Double V:

The Double “V” shape disc design acts like a smooth disc offering more surface area cutting – which moves more material along with an addition benefit of the “V” notch offering both high cutting power and “powers itself” as it continues to turn in wet conditions.

Introducing Degelman’s First Zero Maintenance Machine:

Zero maintenance pins, completely sealed bearings and disc hubs, the fastest and most versatile piece of tillage equipment you will ever own is now grease fitting free. Pro-Till shreds heavy fall residue, opens up spring fields, levels ruts, destroys clods and produces an absolutely perfect seedbed. Pro-Till is simply the tool of choice for tillage.


Maintenance Free Disc Bearings:

Real world conditions can be harsh. Our unique Pro-Till® bearings withstand constant vibration, high shock and severe loads. They are maintenance free. These long life double-row angular contact ball bearings are designed to provide years of reliable operation in every kind of soil condition – from cold and wet to dry and dusty.

Our bearings are capable of supporting heavy loads, are double sealed on both sides. The machined housing is coated for extra anti-corrosion protection and an additional high-performance seal is designed to prevent contamination. To further prevent damage, a machined protective washer is positioned to create an additional seal.

Two grease reservoirs located between the seals ensure that the seal lips are permanently lubricated and therefore prevent dry running. After extensive use the bearing housing itself can be changed quickly and easily with one bolt.

Simple, Maintenance Free Depth Control:

Quickly adjusting the cutting depth is simple. At a 2:1 ratio for quick adjustment, removing each 1/4” depth stop lowers the cutting depth by 1/2”. A typical cutting depth of 2” is recommended but depending on soil conditions and vegetation, the operator can quickly adjust depth.

Pin Eye Cylinders:

The welded pin eye cylinder series is designed to withstand the most demanding applications on the market today. Lion’s extensive design experience has resulted in a premium rephasing cylinder with the latest in sealing and rephasing technology and standard lion1000 induction hardened rods for the ultimate in corrosion protection and durability.

Bushing Seal:

The wiper edge removes even the toughest dirt and contaminants from the pin, keeping the system running clean and at its peak performance. The metal enclosure ensures a secure fit in the open housing, preventing expulsion of the wiper even under extreme conditions, and a low carbon steel case with rust inhibitor helps prevent premature corrosion.


Why Furrow Rollers?:

A uniform, slightly consolidated yet corrugated surface is a perfect seedbed. Clods and bigger elements are broken and consolidated into the soil with the finer loose elements. The soil is now evenly distributed and sized allowing seeders, planters, drilling discs or coulters to get in and do their job. Uniform seedbed packing provides uniform placement and seed depth. Planting and seeding speed and positioning will be greatly improved due to the vertical and horizontal even structure of the soil. The ridged shape of the rollers creates highly consolidated valleys and less consolidated ridges creating the perfect bed for seed propagation.

Semi-Pneumatic Technology:

A special semi-pneumatic technology is integrated into the Pro-Till rollers making them work well in rocky soils and more resistant to wet conditions. Designed by OTICO of France, these exclusive rubber rollers are formulated from special rubber compounds. Uniquely molded over a high strength steel core, they are also hollow giving them the ability to flex each turn, partly absorb shock from stones and hard conditions, and also helps shed sticky soils with every revolution.

Maintenance Free Roller Bearings

Proven through years of research, development and rigorous testing in both lab and field, the advanced sealing technology ensures optimal performance for the customer. TILLXTREME™ offers a one of a kind, exclusive high-performance solution designed to eliminate the need for relubrication, saving precious hours needed for field work. PEER’s patented seal design provides significantly improved contamination exclusion than the conventional triple lip seal design. PEER’s TILLXTREME™ engineered assemblies are more reliable, maintenance-free, and simplify installation. As an environmentally friendly solution, there is no grease purge to contaminate the soil.


Increased Water Absorption

These rollers are an excellent all-around roller suitable for any types of soil conditions and offer very good consolidation. The micro-ridge shape of the Pro-Till rollers allow water to be stored in the corrugated valleys, driven to the lower soil layers and stored in a uniform way. Proper soil consolidation is critical to allow water stored in deep soil layers to flow.

Faster Germination

Corrugated rollers are central to breaking down straw and encouraging seeds to germinate and grow in the shortest possible time. Effective soil to seed/root contact enables an efficient transfer of nutrients combined with minimal moisture loss, especially important during dry years.


Erosion Control

The Pro-Till® rollers are key. The rollers consolidate the soils, provide valleys for water storage, prevent capping due to heavy rainfalls and create ridges to reduce wind erosion. The soil is protected against heavy rainfalls, helping water stored in the soil to come up to the topsoil layers. Row upon row of consolidated and unconsolidated soils prevent surface crusts and allow the soil to breathe. Properly consolidated fine soil tilth and residue combine with micro-ridges to reduce wind speed at the surface and diminish wind erosion.

Improved Soil Structure

After residue has been cut and mixed, our exclusive corrugated rollers finish the field to perfection. The hollow corrugated rubber design sheds soil, breaks up the larger clods and consolidates the soil to bring fine earth in contact with residue to optimize decomposition.

Gas Exchange

Healthy soil must be allowed to breathe and tillage can drastically change the configuration, continuity and size of soil pores. This exchange of gases is the secret to the Pro-Till® rollers: the trapezoidal shape of the rollers will allow the profile to dig into the soil and lightly pack the soil vertically as well as laterally. A highly compacted zone beside a less compacted zone set in ridges is the optimum method to allow a rapid exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between the soil pores.


Simple. Strong. Clean

The minimalist approach to these scrapers leave long arms which create great trash flow. The scrapers are easy to adjust, easy to clean and are removed with the pull of a pin. The Hardox wear plates are the same as those used in mining, construction, quarries and excavation and are 8 x more abrasion resistant to that of mild steel.

Optional Max Life Scraper

Max Life scrapers will significantly increase the life and performance of your roller scrapers. The tungsten carbide tipped scrapers maintain their original length and shape, resulting in a clean roller and a more consistent field finish.

Up To 10 Times Longer Wear

Max Life scrapers have passed initial testing with excellent results. With up to 10 times longer wear than standard scrapers, Max Life scrapers take advantage of new hard surfacing technology. Tungsten carbide is mixed directly into the molten weld bead.

Tungsten Carbide.

Long Life, Maximum Value

Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard composite material that easily withstands the abrasive effect of running in soil.

During the break-in period the leading edge of steel is worn off to match the attack angle of the blade. The tungsten carbide is then the primary point of contact.

Industrial Fittings

The Seal-Lok fitting body face contains a high durometer trap seal to maximize retention in a precision machined groove also known as a Captive O-Ring Groove. As the nut is tightened onto the fitting body, the trap seal is compressed between the body and flat face of the tube flange or braze sleeve to form a tight, positive seal by hand.

Grip Couplers:

Our Kennfixx knurled grip couplers are ergonomic and color coordinated to match your tractors hydraulics. When not in use, the hydraulic hoses are tucked away neatly in each of their own color coded slots. The user manual is easily accessible and safe from damage.

5000 PSI Hose:

Designed for plumbing hydraulic lines in tight spaces. Parker 471TC and 471ST feature a one-half SAE 100R2 minimum bend radius which equates to easy installation and less hose required. Engineered to handle high impulse and pressure applications, Ours has a 15% to 35% higher working pressure versus standard. Our hose comes with our Tough Cover compound, while features our Super Tough Cover for the ultimate abrasion resistance.








Hose Holder:

The hose holder is designed to keep your couplers clean and organized while storing your machinery.

Adjustable Hitch:

The adjustable hitch makes hooking up to farm implements convenient and easy.

Swing Away Deflector

The swing away deflector is a strong, simple part that redistributes soil from the front discs to the rear of the back discs to ensure no ridges or grooves are left. The depth of the deflector can be adjusted. The teeth vibrate to allow fine soil to sift through without sticking. The deflector can be rotated 180 degrees when not in use.


Compact Transport

The Pro-Till wing-forward design is incredibly stable for road transport. It incorporates an ultra low profile under 13’ high and under 13’8” wide. It is ideal for clearing bridges, power-lines and storage. Pro-Till cultivators have a compact overall footprint. The hitch weight is positive, creating a safe and highly maneuverable machine.