Heavy Harrows – Strawmaster Pro

Go Pro:

In today’s farming, time is precious. We have lots of land to cover, with a relatively short growing season. Our leading farmers have been waiting for a tool to help warm the soil and promote effective seed germination. The Pro, with its incredible tine penetration, not only rakes straw, but moves ground, blackening up the field, stimulating plant growth when it’s most critical. The Strawmaster Pro is a lot more than a big harrow.

It’s clear, farms are getting bigger and so is the farmer’s work load. The Strawmaster Pro with its up to 120’ working width makes short order of just about any field. Running at speeds upwards of 12 mph, with a machine weight near 50,000lbs, equipped with our exclusive 30” tungsten carbide Endura-Tip tines, Strawmaster Pro simply does more. More acres, more tillage, more life. To build a 120ft machine is a challenge not to be taken lightly. Degelman’s break-through development of Hydralink technology is the key that allows for frame flexibility and field contour. The Pro not only has the ability to transfer the machine weight to each tine but does so in hilly conditions.


Degelman Hydralink:

The innovative Degelman Hydralink allows for even, adjustable pressure from the comfort of the cab, all while allowing each section to contour to the land independently.


Contouring Frame:

Under float or under pressure, the harrow sections are designed for flexibility. The spring bars are positioned along the sides of the harrow frame providing an even distribution of pressure to the frame. The spring bars can then flex In response to counter pressure from the land contours with each section rising over hills and falling into hollows.

Unique Adjustment for Harrow Sections:

The Strawmaster Pro is equipped with an adjusting rod and arm located on a rubber dampening system. This will allow for harrow frame sections adjustment to ensure that they are running parallel to the ground.


Patented Torsion Technology:

Simply rotate the 8” x 8” beam hydraulically and apply more pressure through the spring bars. Strawmaster works the way you want it to.

Exclusive Tungsten Carbide Tine Tip

Long Life, Maximum Performance.

Degelman’s tungsten carbide Endura-Tip by Atom Jet is exclusive to Degelman Strawmasters. Significantly increasing the life and performance of your harrow bar, the tungsten carbide tipped harrow tines maintain their original length and shape, resulting in enhanced control and a more consistent field finish.

Harrowing Becomes Light Tillage.

The Degelman Strawmaster Pro is a revolutionary machine designed for both straw management or light tillage applications. With 30 inch long tines placed in 4 rows, this machine is beyond any other harrow bar. The Strawmaster Pro will shatter straw, control weeds, rake flax straw, and incorporate seed and chemicals or act as light tillage.

Solid Truss Autofold

Strawmaster Pro is specifically designed for today’s continuous cropping practices. It is the product of the latest technological innovations, solid engineering and superb craftsmanship. And you won’t find a better harrow bar for applying herbicide: travel at higher speeds than conventional harrow bars without skipping, hold larger loads of straw, and adjust your machine to tailor your needs.

Incorporating is obviously a natural for Strawmaster Pro. These heavy extra long tines are much stiffer than conventional tines and offer better penetration of built up straw mulch. Just set the machine to the aggressive setting you need. And with Strawmaster’s spring control bars you can increase the pressure for even, more continuous penetration.

Drop the Pin and Go.

You may have noticed, Degelman has made its mark in the industry by over doing things. Making our machines big and heavy, developing practical solutions and holding tight manufacturing tolerances, simply makes Degelman machines perform better, last longer with less problems.

Zero Maintenance is our goal, which means we ask you to do two things, “Drop the Pin and Go”.

Steerable End Wheels

Steerable end wheels allow the operator to move from transport to field position with ease.

Alliance Tires

The Alliance 328 HS (High Speed Flotation I-328) is designed with good self-cleaning characteristics, which is suitable for on and off-the-road agricultural service on trailers and implements. The high load capacity and low inflation pressure of the tire results in high degree of agricultural soil protection, as well as low rolling resistance on both, on and off-road uses. It’s strong nylon construction and compounds ensure long life.